September 16th - 20th was very special for us as it was the time of the 11th International Conference of European Council for High Ability 2008 (ECHA 2008). ECHA 2008 was hosted by the Center of Giftedness with a great support of National Institute of Children and Youth and took place in the city of Prague. The media partner of the conference is Publishing House Portál and AV Media. 

The major purposes of the International Conference were to present an outstanding scientific program and to promote international exchange. The Organizing Committee of ECHA 2008 had selected world renowned researchers and educationalists as keynote speakers and invited performers. All invited speakers and conveners represented the fields of psychology and education related to the issues of supporting the gifted children. They came from all over Europe but also from overseas areas. In addition to symposia, thematic oral sessions, and interactive poster sessions, we introduced a new format in Prague that we hoped would stimulate discussion during the meeting. Thematic Debates focused on topics that were both inherently important and interesting to all of us as psychologists, teachers and parents - sucessfull intelligence, the future of ECHA, ICT in gifted Education and Underachievement. The debates took place once a day at a prominent time slot and were chaired by the most experienced scientists in the field - Robert Sternberg, Johanna Raffan, Stanislav Zelenda and Diane Montgomery. We also introduced the main three-day conference by the two-day pre-conference workshops by which we hoped to attract mainly the teachers involved in gifted education in the European region.


• To bring internationally known experts around the world together to share knowledge and experience on Gifted Education.
• To highlight key experts in the field of Gifted Education.
• Pre-Conference workshops, educational and cultural tours/trips, and other activities to provide an array of opportunities to participants. (The official language of the conference   will be English (also both Czech and Slovak languages for the pre-conference workshops).


The website of the conference will be reconstructed soon to bring you some of the reflections, feedback of the participants, photogallery and additional scientific materials which were not presented at the conference. There will soon be constructed the area where all the submitted full papers of the delegates including the invited and keynote speakers will be published.


We would like to thank all the speakers of the conference, all the members of the organising team and to ECHA International for providing an opportunity to organize and happen this outstanding scientific conference in the Czech Republic. I strongly believe our country will benefit from its outcomes for a long time.  

Jitka Fořtíková

Chairman of ECHA 2008 Conference


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